The Best Breast

I’m a bit hesitant to share, but this is a true story as written back in 2007.

The Best Breast was written by Dr. John Tebbetts, a well-known plastic surgeon in Dallas. I would like breast augmentation and since he is highly rated, I called for a consultation.

Karen: Do you have any children Ms. Baker?

Me: Yes, I have one son.

Karen: Did you breast feed?

Me: No, I am a transgender woman and I am actually the dad.

Karen: Please hold.


Karen: Renee

Me: Yes

Karen: We don’t operate on transgender women.

Me: Oh, why is that?

Karen: It is just our personal preference.

Me: OK, thank you. Goodbye.

Karen: Goodbye

So, I sit there thinking that Dr. Tebbetts just doesn’t want transwomen. Ten minutes pass and I’m stewing over the conversation. I decide some things in life are worth having a bit of anger over. I call back, to give Dr. Tebbetts a chance to explain.

Me: Hi, this is Dr. Renee Baker. I was just turned down surgery because I was a transgender woman. May I speak to Dr. Tebbetts?

Woman: You must have spoke with Karen. Please hold…


Karen: Hi this is Karen.

Me: Hi Karen, I wondered if I could talk to Dr. Tebbetts please to understand why I am being turned down for breast augmentation.

Karen: (Tension and frustration.) I will tell you why. (I guess they have their story straight now.) You are technically still a male and we have a small staff here and are not equipped to dealing with males. Males wakeup agressively after anasthesia.

Me: I am hormonally reassigned and don’t have testosterone in my blood anymore.

Karen: We just aren’t staffed for men.

Me: Okay, thank you.

Karen: Click

So, there you have it. I let it rest at this point. I guess I won’t have The Best Breast, but I will still have my integrity.

Ya’ll have a good day, and if you see an honest looking chick with silicone breast inserts in a bra that doesn’t fill out, tell her she’s got nice boobs anyway! 🙂

Copyright 2007 – Renee Baker

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