Trans Conferences

If you have never been to a conference specifically designed for transgender and gender diverse topics, I highly recommend it.  For families and individuals just coping with the coming out process, a conference can lend a level of affirmation not achieved elsewhere.  It’s just nice to be around others that get gender expansive expression.  And we need each other for solidarity, education and just plain love and connection.  Go if you can or attend virtually!

Texas and Oklahoma Area Conferences

Non-Texas Conferences

Conferences Gone By…

  • Asterisk Trans* Conference
  • The Be-All (Chicago)
  • California Dreamin (San Jose)
  • Colorado Gold Rush
  • The Empire
  • Fall Harvest
  • Gender Conference – NYC
  • Gender Evolution
  • Gender Infinity
  • Gender Odyssey
  • Gold Rush
  • IFGE
  • Maryland Trans Resilience
  • Southern Comfort
  • Sparkle
  • The Texas T-Party
  • Transgender Lives
  • Virginia TIES
  • Tri-Ess