Polyamorous Families

Polyamorous families have a unique set of challenges that include those that monogamous couples have, in addition to the complexities of triads and quads and multi’s.  Boundary setting, communicative openness, trust and rules for living and loving are areas of concern for poly families.  Counseling can be a good place to mediate and negotiate the concerns of everyone, helping everyone have a voice and helping everyone to mindfully listen.  I am happy to help with any of the following kinds of issues:

  • Negotiating Family Time
  • Negotiating Family Changes and Dynamics
  • Developing Family Agreements & Roles
  • Relationship Fidelity & Trust & Jealousy
  • Coming Out Issues & Helping Others Understand
  • Blending Families
  • Economic Matters
  • Religious Matters

A few resources in the Dallas area:

  • Affirming Polyamorous and Non-mongamous Relationships Conference
  • North Texas Poly Meetup Group
  • Black and Poly Meetup Group