Getting Back To Nature: Our Source of Stillness

Nature is our gift of stillness

People often ask us, “What church do you go to?” They wonder about our spirituality. But spirituality doesn’t have to be tied only to a church. I like to say that my church is Mother Nature, by the creek near where I live. If anything brings me to my peace, it is getting away from what I am doing and back into my being, my spirit. What better way to find peace than to spend time with the cooing of doves, the swoosh of Birch leaves in the wind, the warming strength of sunshine, the sweet smell of honeysuckle, the rippling waters of a creek bed, or even tasting grasses picked fresh as you walk, like you did when you were a kid.

Mother nature is truly our gift of stillness. “Be still and know God” we are told in the Holy books. If we want peace, then it is there at arms reach…just walk out the door, quiet your mind and become fully enmeshed in the outdoors. It takes practice to be still, but when you find out what it really means, it will always be your home.

-excerpt from The Stillness Newsletter, April 2010, Copyright Renee Baker 2008

Here are some nature spots I like to visit that are not too far from home.  I hope you have a chance to enjoy them too!

p.s.  Here is a nice article by Moonlady Amy Martin you may find helpful as well.






Fort Worth


  • Grapevine Lake


LGBT Camping





Pilot Point



Texas State Parks & Lakes


Nature Photography

One of my favorite things to do is go birding and I have a nice Nikon D3300 camera with a zoom lens.  It keeps me engaged and excited about being out in nature even more.  Here are some nature photographers that inspire me.