Getting Started

A snapshot of my office. Our space is just off of a nice garden area and I hope you will find the setting peaceful to be in. We always have complimentary beverages and snacks if you like.

It’s easy to get started.   Wherever you are at, that’s where we will begin.  This is a journey together and you can be assured I accept you right where you are at.  You get to make the decisions and I will try my best to help you in your choices.  My hope for you would simply for you to be at peace where you are at and build a life of love and joy.

When you come, we’ll work through the a form or two together.  I like to start together, right from the start.  I’ll need a driver’s license number or other ID number for you.  And if you are under 18, then your parent(s) or caregiver will have to sign a release for me to visit with you, or we can work together as a family.

So, just give me a call at 214-607-5620, or you can send me a text.  If you prefer, you can send me e-mail at [email protected].

I promise I don’t bite!