This is a list of some handy resources you might want to look at when you are looking for a new job or career position. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but hopefully enough to help you broaden your perspective a bit.

Remember to not focus entirely on search engines and get out there and network.   Also look on employer websites, nonprofit websites, newspapers, trade journals, business journals, the library and temp agency websites.  Explore how using Google Alerts can let you know of new jobs daily in any area you choose.

Remember to be persistent and keep your faith up.  Be careful not to wait on a maybe,  have hope for it, but press on  to the next opportunity with courage and strength.  It is better to keep the momentum going than to wait for job that may or may not come.  Assume the job search is part of your enlightenment, that it is helping you explore the world of work, so that you may in turn help others in due time.  I am always delighted to learn of unexpected magic that comes from going down paths we think are not working.   It is helpful to understand that what we want may not always be good for us.

The job search can bring on unnecessary suffering if we are not mindful of our thoughts and actions.  If you feel you are emotionally distressed, remember that I am here to help and we can work through the issues to get you back to a peaceful state, so you can be creative.

It is important to find some ways to be creative in your job search, maybe create a new website for yourself, or make up new business cards or a portfolio of your work.  Keeping it creative and focusing on the present moment, will help free you into action, instead of hamper you down in anxiety.

You can do it!  Be as powerful as you want to be!  Get the job that is right for you and meaningful to your life’s purpose!

Disability Work Resources

City/County Websites

State Websites


Job Search Engines

Job Fairs Online

List Sites

When using list sites especially, be careful of spam and fraud.  There are endless fake “companies” that are offering jobs to people, asking for their personal information such as bank account information and social security number.  That said, it was Craig’s List that connected me originally to Edge Publications and Backpage to contract work at massage establishment.  So, they do have value, but do be cautious not to be had.

Independent School District Websites




  • Moonlady – put out an employment request

Networking Groups


University Websites