shutterstock_38222407My counseling rates are given below and I am grateful for all that my clients can share with me.

If you need help with rates or payments, then please let me know so I can be there for you.  I do my best to accommodate everyone’s needs and would not want you to forgo counseling due to finances.

Individual/Couples/Family Counseling

  • $130 for a 60 minute session (50 minute session, plus 10 for wrap-up/administrative).
  • For couples/poly counseling or if you have a lot to unpack, you may want to book a longer session.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

  • I contract with the Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Services to provide no-cost short-term counseling to those with a disability.  Feel free to contact me or a TWC vocational counselor to get approval.

Group Counseling

  • $45 for a 90 minute session.


  • Adult ADHD Eval: $250 CAT-A test and report, plus cost of one or more sessions.  See the evals web-page for more.  (See my ADHD eval page for more information.)
  • Adult Autism Eval: $250 SRS-2 test and report, $250 for MIGDAS-2 test and report. Plus cost of several sessions.  (See my Autism eval page for more information.)
  • Mental Status Exam: $25 plus cost of one or more sessions.
  • Psyche Eval: $250 SPECTRA test and report, plus cost of one or more sessions.  (See my Psyche eval page for more information.)

Regarding Insurance

  • I am not a provider on any insurance panels so I cannot accept insurance at this time.
  • I do accept health spending account cards.
  • I can provide paid invoices for out-of-network filing to insurance companies.
  • If you have health insurance that covers counseling, then you may want to check with your provider for a list of counselors in your area.