I am rather proud of my writing and I do love to encourage others to write too.  Our stories are so important.  Communication is what helps us know each other more closely, more intimately, so we feel that vital human connection.  I have been fortunate to help many individuals share their voices and I find that truly to be such an honor.

With my older writing, mostly in engineering,  prior to my gender transition, I was known as E. Scott Baker, E being for Eugene.  I always went by my middle name Scott before.  My full name is now Renee S. Baker.  I’ve kept the S. to honor my male past and to honor my parents.


R. Baker, March, 2019, Little Book on Subspace Tracking, Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon.

R. Baker, May 27, 2014, Contributor to Chapter 7: Self Acceptance, The Global Red Circle: Standing in Truth, Unleashing Our Most Powerful Selves.  Amazon Kindle Edition available.

LGBT News Publications

R.. Baker, Sept 18, 2020, “Transgender icon Sarah Luiz speaks after a decade of silence,” Dallas Voice.

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R. Baker, Sept 2010, “Paul Lewis – Dallas Pride Grand Marshall, Dallas Voice -Tavern Guild Supplement.

R. Baker, Jun 22, 2010, “Beyond Butch”, Dallas Voice Instant Tea.  (A BLOG story with Jessica Pettitt, Alpha Thomas and Wan-Lin Tsou)

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R. Baker, Mar 25, 2010, “Surviving life on the streets,” Dallas Voice. (A story with Sean Tripp)

R. Baker, Mar 11, 2010 , “Controversy continues over APA and gender variance,” Dallas Voice.  (A story with Deidre McCloskey, Jack Drescher, Beth Casteel, Kelley Winters, Susan Stryker, Arlene Istar Lev, William Narrow, Andrea James)

R. Baker, Feb 11, 2010, “Survey: Trans people face much higher rate of job discrimination,” Dallas Voice.  (A story with Mara Keisling)

R. Baker, Jan 7, 2010, “Trans Woman Seeks Uterine Transplant,” Dallas Voice.  (A story with Sarah Luiz)

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R. Baker, Nov 18, 2009, “Activists to Hold Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigils, Marches Across the Country”, Edge Publications.  (A story with Ethan St. Pierre)

R. Baker, Oct 14, 2009, “Activists urge Dallas club to cancel Buju Banton concert,” Edge Publications.  (A story with Rafael McDonnell and Daniel Cates)

R. Baker, Sep 30, 2009. “Transgender lawyer announces candidacy for Oklahoma House,“ Edge Publications.  (A story about Brittany Novotny and Sally Kern.)

R. Baker, Sep 14, 2009. “Transgender woman to challenge anti-gay Okla. lawmaker ,” Edge Publications.

R. Baker, Sep 03, 2009. “Bitch N Brunch grows to more than 500 members,” Dallas Voice. (A story with Cheryl Daniel and Martha Blackbird.)

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R. Baker, Aug 13, 2009. “Straight-camp survivor starts support group for ex-ex-gays ,” Dallas Voice. (A story with James Stabile.)

R. Baker, Aug 09, 2009.    “Crime hits close to home,” Edge Publications.  (A story with Joey Avila)

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R. Baker, Jun 18, 2009. “Trans-cending Time,” Dallas Voice. (A transgender history from Stonewall to today.)

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R. Baker, June 27, 2008.” Police Beating of Transgender Woman Ignites Controversy,” Edge Publications.  (Story with Donna Rose, Jennifer Donnals,  Patrick Callahan  and Michael Silverman about Duanna Johnson)

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Engineering Journal and Conference Publications

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