Health and Human Services

For those in need, there are a number of government and nonprofit programs to be aware of to help you get back on your feet again.  We don’t always want to reach out and ask for help, but sometimes that is what we need to do.  Please take advantage of these programs that others have worked hard to setup to help you.

There are seemingly endless health and human services agencies and that are out there to help.  I’ve only listed a few below compared to what it available.  If you can’t find out what you need, consider contacting the Community Council of Greater Dallas or calling Texas 211.  Also, you may go to the library and ask a librarian to help you, or look at Matthew Lesko’s book called Free Money.  If it is LGBT related, then call Resource Center Dallas as that is their specialty.  Also, the City of Dallas Library has a wonderful resource called the Community Information Database which lists the area nonprofits so make use of that.


Blind Support

Cancer and Pre-Cancer

Caregiver Support

Child Medical Care

Child Support & Care (See also Youth)

Child Protection and Families


Deaf Support

Dental Care

Domestic Maltreatment – See Women

Elderly / Senior Care

Food Pantry – See Nutrition



Housing for Adults (For youth shelters, see Youth)


Housing / Rent Assistance / Financial Assistance / Etc.

Medical Care (Low cost or free)

Medical – Misc

Mental Health

Multiple Sclerosis

Native American

Nutrition / Food Pantry


Pregnancy & Adoption – see Women

Prescription Help

Refugee & Political Asylum


Surgery Loans


Utility Bill Assistance

Vision Care