Trans HRT

Hormone replacement therapy for transgender and gender diverse individuals is a common medically-necessary step for individuals undergoing a physical transition.  One should definitely not rush into starting HRT and should plan carefully.  It is important to understand the effects of taking hormones and know the associated health risks, some of which are still being studied.   Though individuals often order hormones overseas, I think this is very risky, expensive and not really necessary.  Ideally, one should see a medical doctor to oversee the treatment.  I can provide a referral letter easily enough once you are ready, informed and confident to begin.  Any mental health issues that you may have do have to be addressed as well.

I have categorized doctors somewhat geographically below.  Some are family physicians and some are endocrinologists.  My focus is on Texas, though I have included Louisiana and Oklahoma as well.

Pediatric HRT is also listed separately below.  For those beginning transition under 18, you will now have to wait until you are 18 years of age.  Hopefully, this will change and the current laws will be overturned as they have elsewhere.  I do of course believe doctors should be in charge of medical procedures and not politicians. 

We follow the WPATH Standards of Care which is an informed consent model.  An informed consent model is standard in the medical community and includes an individual having a clear mind, having a persistent decision for the medical procedure, having made the decision on one’s own without pressure from others, and proceeding with good consciousness.    

North Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth, Denton, Sherman, Waxahachie, Waco)



Central Texas (Austin, San Antonio, San Angelo, Temple)

Coastal Bend (Corpus Christi, Victoria)

East Texas (Tyler, Longview, Greenville, Texarkana)

Gulf Coast (Houston, Galveston, Port Arthur, Beaumont)

Rio Grande Valley (Brownsville, Harlingen, McAllen, Laredo)

West Texas (Amarillo, Abilene, El Paso, Odessa, Midland, San Angelo, Lubbock)



Virtual Clinics


No Longer Providing HRT/Trans Services or Too Full

  • Dr. Patrick Daly
  • Dr. Steven Dorfman
  • Dr. Sarah Nelson
  • D. Scott Perry
  • Dr. Brian Procter
  • Dr. Stockton Roberts
  • Dr. Sarah Saginaw
  • Dr. William Sheldon
  • Dr. Karen King
  • Dr. Jaime Vasquez

Pediatric Care (No longer providing care for new youth, for now.)