Current Groups

Group counseling is a valuable and often underutilized form of therapy.  In fact, group therapy is considered by some counselors to be the therapy of choice and preferred over individual counseling.  Groups provide a small microcosm of the world around us and give us a chance to recognize we are not alone and not the only one with a long list of life challenges.  Groups can offer individuals the support needed to create a new or improved way of life.  Groups can give us immediate feedback on our ways of thinking and on our belief systems, challenging us to reconsider outdated ways of living and that new choices in life are indeed possible.  And finally, groups give us an overall chance of finding a sense of normalization, especially for those that fall outside of societal norms.

My current groups in progress are ongoing and I add new members as previous members graduate from the group.  (These are NOT drop-in groups and you will need to coordinate with me prior to coming.  Clients are asked to commit to coming regularly.)  Here is what I have for groups below at the moment.   Please call for details on dates.

  • MTF 40+ Adult Trans Group (bi weekly)
  • MTF 50+ Adult Trans Group (every 4 weeks)
  • MTF 30 to 45 Adult Trans Group – Autism, ADHD & Ally (every 4 weeks) 

These groups are on hold for now.

  • FTM 20+ Adult Trans Group (every 4 weeks)
  • Parents of Trans Children Group (every 4 weeks)
  • Teen Transgender Group (every 4 weeks)

I often do groups for couples and families.  If you have an idea for a group or see a need, just let me know and we can try and make it happen!  Just let me know what your needs are and we can surely figure it out.