Movie Therapy

Movies are one of the most creative formats available for us today.  We can relate to them on so many levels.  Depending upon our interests and our emotional needs, certain movies can do us wonders.  Others can take us on a path we are not ready for or one we should not go on.  If we are depressed for example, watching a cheerful movie is probably a better choice than one on say emotional abuse. Hence, choose your movie especially carefully if you are in an emotional state of substantial intensity.

The web is obviously full of movie resources.  A few of them are listed below for convenience.  If you are looking for a certain therapeutic topic, the Cinema Therapy website is pretty amazing.  IMDB is probablly the most complete database on movies in general.

Books about Movie Therapy

  • Movie Therapy: How It Changes Lives by Bernie Wooder
  • The Motion Picture Prescription: Watch This Movie and Call Me In the Morning by Gary Solomon
  • Reel Therapy: How Movies Inspire You to Overcome Life’s Problems by Gary Solomon
  • Rent Two Films and Let’s Talk in the Morning by John Hesley and Jan Hesley
  • Movies and Mental Illness by Danny Wedding and Mary Ann Boyd
  • Movie Therapy, Moving Therapy by Fuat Ulus
  • The Healing Movie Book by Michael Kalm
  • Positive Psychology At The Movies: Using Films to Build Virtues and Character Strengths by Danny Wedding
  • E-Motion Picture Magic: A Movie Lover’s Guide to Healing and Transformation by Birgit Wolz
  • What Stories Does My Son Need? A Guide to Books and Movies that Build Character in Boys by Michael Gurian
  • Movies and the Modern Psyche by Sharon Packer

Lists of Therapeutics Films and Films on Mental Illness

Film Database Online

Free Movies to Watch Online

Movie Rentals

Art-house Movie Theaters (See Dallas Observer for a broader list of theaters.)