Are You Glad You Transitioned?

People often ask me, “Are you glad you transitioned?” While the answer is always yes, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a hard thing to go through. It’s like asking somebody, “are you glad you had the triple-bypass?” In a lot of ways, indeed, it was a life-saver for me. It was part of what brought sanity to my life. It’s hard for people to understand and truly has been just as hard for me too. While one doesn’t have to emotionally suffer, ideally, regardless of whether or not they go through a necessary life change, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow our desires. We just don’t want to be overtaken by our desires and controlled by them. Our free will trumps desire. In other words, we don’t have to emotionally suffer if we can’t find food. But we will be happier and more wholesome if we do. In this way, I was able to grow in my transition. It was nutritious for me. So, I’m glad to have transitioned. It brought me great strides of spiritual growth and a much deeper love and compassion for others.

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