Affirmation: It’s Easier Than I Think

Affirmations Inspired By S. Boorstein’s “It’s Easier Than You Think”

Written By Renee Baker


I allow myself to stay open to a spiritual path.  My spiritual path need not be complex.  Simplicity is okay.  As I explore this road, I allow myself to awaken a bit more.  I manage my life more gracefully or even semi-gracefully.  I allow awareness, clarity, compassion and generosity to become the mainstays of my path.  Mindfulness and lovingkindness become a greater part of my daily vocabulary.  The truth continues to set me free.

I recognize that there are things beyond my control.  I see no sense in getting upset over them.  I concur that life is difficult and painful.  I observe this is true no matter what actions I take.  It’s okay that life is mysterious and unpredictable and risky.  I need not inevitably suffer from the difficulty of life.   I will not struggle with my life experience.  I open myself up to experience life with compassion and wisdom.  I let go of the act of craving other than what is.  I can make a change, yet I accept the here and now.  As I accept, I find salvation and liberty and peace of mind.

I still have desire and make choices. I plan and pursue, but am prepared to let go if they don’t work out.  I may want more, but I won’t want other.  I shall live and love life and not worry about perfect growth.  If I still suffer sometimes, I will manage.  I will cling less to my life story and how it should play out.  I have pain and does everyone else.  We all suffer.  In seeing this, I am more compassionate to myself and others.  I encourage others to cling less as I do so myself.  As I let go of the need for things to be a certain way, I let my fears go.

On this journey to happiness, I accept where I am at and start from there.  I recognize that I can still be happy even though life is inevitably disappointing.  Our pains will come no matter what I do.  They do not last forever as nothing is permanent.  I resolve to move beyond my habit of conditioned negative responses and replace them with more conscious loving, generous and fearless actions.  I let go of counting my grievances and my righteous indignation.  I forgive myself and others.  I choose liberty – the freedom to do what I ought to do.  Others can do it and so can I.

When a fear arises on this path, I take an interest in why and to what am I clinging.  I only act in love, not fear.  I do not cause pain to myself or others.  I alleviate pain within and without.  I tell my mind not to blow this pain out of proportion to what it really is.  I dedicate myself to telling the truth, because I care about myself and I care about others.  I speak the truth, but only when it is helpful.  When I correct others, I do so if timely, gentle, kind and helpful so they do not feel diminished.  I do not lie, say hurtful things or gossip.  I maintain awareness of my intention in all of my communication.  I resist automatic responding.  I take time to think before I speak.

In my work and livelihood, I take care not harm others, not to exploit them and not to abuse them in anyway.  I choose a wholesome livelihood that contributes to my mental happiness and peace of mind.  I am humble in my work and take pride in it.  I pay attention to what is wholesome – that which creates such feelings as friendliness, compassion and generosity.  I put unwholesome thoughts such as greed and anger and grumbling aside.  I put thoughts that lead to unhappiness out of my mind.  I choose to be happy.

I learn to meditate and develop my focus and concentration.  I learn to pay attention to one thing at a time.  My mind becomes stronger yet more flexible each time I meditate.  I have no desire to force out sadness by a loss, but feel it deeply and become more compassionate.  I am not shattered by feelings.  They are impermanent too.  I accept this present experience, this present moment whether pleasant or unpleasant.  I gain insight from this acceptance, wisdom even.  I practice remaining calm.  When I am calm, I am in the now.

Now is the only time we ever have.

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