Law professor and student reunite after fling in Carsen Taite’s latest book

A Story by Renee Baker, Edge Publications, August 18, 2009


Dallas provides local writer Teresa Cain, known by her nom de plume Carsen Taite, ample folder for her latest novel It Should Be a Crime.

When it comes to writing courtroom briefs, her legal name is Teresa Cain. But when it comes to writing about lesbian courtship, her nom de plume is Carsen Taite. She is true to her twin Gemini spirit; a criminal attorney by day and romance author by night.

With not even a year since the release of her first book, Taite is releasing her second lesbian romance. And this time with intrigue and courtroom drama. The book, It Should Be a Crime, is being released through Bold Stroke Books.

Her new book contains a great deal more intrigue than her first. And it teases us with being a “story of forbidden love set against the backdrop of high stakes courtroom drama.”

The story takes place in Dallas, where Cain practices criminal law with Mills and Williams, one of Texas’ best firms. Though she says there are no direct connections to local lesbian establishments, the writing will “whiz” you through the streets of the Big D.

One of those streets is a dark alleyway where our two lovers initially meet before they move on to have a night of unbridled passion. Neither woman expected more than but a few “lusty” hours together. Weeks later, however, they meet again in law school to discover that one woman is a teacher and the other is her student.

To tell you anymore would be a crime, so we will have to refer you to the book. You can be assured though, that it is filled with pages based on real-life criminal cases.

Taite said her experience as a criminal lawyer gives her unlimited ideas. In fact, she has already completed a draft of her third novel, Do Not Disturb, and her fourth book is in the proposal stages. Taite added she feels she works best under deadline. And she said she plans to release about one new novel each year.

The writer has found her own romance too. She lives with her partner Lainey in Dallas. They met on, a dating service similar to the one she writes about in her first book.

Besides writing novels, Taite also has completed a love story called Privileged and Confidential. It is appearing in the anthology Romantic Interludes 2: Secrets, being released this September by Bold Stroke Books.

Taite will be appearing at Barnes and Noble, Borders and other bookstores and venues across the country. Her next appearance is at Borders on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas this Thursday, Aug. 20, at 7 p.m.

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