Dear Friend,

Rest assured that you are welcome at my office. I love diversity and find it to be one our greatest blessings.

Thank you for visiting my website. If you are here for the first time, you will find I love to write and so I add articles and blog posts regularly. If you are looking for a new counselor, then I naturally wish you well on your journey.  It is important to find a counselor that you feel safe with and find a personal connection. To me, the relationship between a counselor and client is the key ingredient in the growing and healing process.  I am grateful that you are considering me.

My style of counseling is then very interpersonal and I draw from many disciplines of counseling. As a writer, I also love to read and discover new ways to help others find clarity and resolve their dilemmas. My life experience has taught me that meditation and mindfulness are the keys to our well-being, overcoming much emotional difficulty. My hope for my clients is to help them find peace and learn to manage gracefully.

We are located at 13500 Midway Road, Suite 404, Dallas, TX 75244 (Farmers Branch).

I am a licensed professional counselor and share space with Feleshia Porter.  Our office space is named Life Gets Better Together Counseling (LGBT Counseling for short).

I consider myself a general practitioner and hence generally work with anyone that comes knocking on my door for assistance. That said, my specialty is working with the LGBT community and especially those going through gender transitions. I am transgender myself, so it is a natural specialty for me.  Gender and sexuality issues are my mainstay, as are alternative ways of living.  I am honored to work with gay, lesbian and poly families.

I also have a background in working with youth and families.  I have counseled and provided case management to over a thousand families. I have played various roles in part of two youth organizations since 2006, Youth First Texas and North Texas Youth Connection. I was also an engineering teacher for several years and enjoy opening hearts and broadening young minds.

For those wondering, I am no longer practicing massage therapy and have let my LMT license lapse.  My energy has been moving solely to counseling for several years so it was time to let it go with some sadness.  Still, I find that touch is another way to help people de-stress and heal and feel good about their bodies.

That’s it for now.  Do poke around.  There is much here to explore. And do feel free to holler if I can be of assistance.  If you would like an appointment, please give me a call, a text or send an e-mail to me.


Renee Baker (she/her/hers)

p.s.  You may also wish to follow me or get to know me on my professional business Facebook page.   Please only connect on Facebook with my professional page and not my personal page as I am not able to have dual relationships.