Welcome Everyone!

Dear Friend,

Thank you for coming by my website!  I am passionate about serving others, so I hope that you find what you are looking for.  There is growing information on this website, so please make use of the search box as needed.

Of my work, I write and I nurture minds, bodies and spirit.

I care for the young, the young at heart and anyone that needs a massaging hand or  a nurturing hug.  My clientele are very diverse and I find that to be a blessing.

Among my clients are a special group of transgender people, who like myself, live outside the bounds of gender central.  Perhaps you too are contemplating your gender journey or can understand the yin and yang of masculine and feminine.

Life is not easy, for me, for any of us.  But, it can still be wonderful and amazing.

It is a journey to the present moment, to balance and integrity, to acceptance of self and others, just the way we are.

The world is a joyous playground and I hope you do enjoy your life!  Please contact me if you need a good ear or a good pair of nurturing hands!

Many blessings,

Renee Baker

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