Lesbian Issues

Lesbian issues have much in common with women’s issues in general, and the issues have changed and evolved, and devolved too, over the years.   Relationships can be complicated by the oppressive nature we currently experience in society.  Yet, at the same time, lesbian relationships have the greatest potential for egalitarian status and equality.  A lesbian partner that is chosen well is a best friend, one you want to be with when you plan your lives together and when you want to explore and be in the world.  Picking a partner of course is best done wisely and done well, recognizing that of course there will likely be conflicts to work through along the way.  If they can’t be resolved, then of course counseling is a good way to get couples back on track and on the same page, or if it just isn’t going to work, to find a way to part peacefully and lovingly.

I am happy to help work through the many facets of lesbian development, from self-acceptance to relationships.  There are many issues that are common to our community and I’m happy to help navigate the challenges, such as:

  • Relationship issues / building intimacy
  • Lesbian family / youth issues
  • Navigating relationship breakups
  • Developing healthy coping mechanisms and releasing addictions
  • Developing a sexual identity and authentic sense of self
  • Coming out issues, shame and sexual exploration
  • Multicultural issues and interracial partnerships
  • Re-thinking religion and spirituality
  • Ageism and aging
  • Becoming active in the community


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